linuxcad macro

KediCAD macro

Granted the macro again, just draw over and over again instead of a specific macro, presentation drawings, dimensions variable speed things up quite useful for writing an application.

AutoCAD under Windows Office package also comes with a full installation when the Visual Basic editor. These accounts are similar to v.basic, eg only certain variables are defined consistently in excell MacroSun written. Hours if necessary after each macro running this macro will kaydedilir.Bundan accounts are prepared in a few steps.

AutoCAD / Inventor drawings made ​​according to a similar logic, based on the particular accounts are prepared for the macro. With this macro every time you need, and the account will be days when the drawing, drawings shall be prepared in a few steps.

KediCAD also include this feature. Of course not gambas visual basic macro is used as the editor of preparation.

Developed on the basis of kedicad script macros, such as Kedicad gambas.

but includes special instructions added to kedicad.

A further study on this subject on the internet to create kedicad-macro tank. Thus, the labor expended to ensure efficient and effective use. Even in Kedicad indirlebilir macroları listeliyerek kedicad chosen macro will copy the directory.

Water use herein include video.

Macro is a very large need to prepare for a long post.


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