Kedicad2b -linuxcad


KediCAD2B is 2D CAD Software. Like Qcad or Like Autocad. 

File format is dxf files. Open and save. 

Drawing Tools

Line : Line ,Polyline, Polygon, Rectangle , Xray

Circle : Center- Radius Circle, 3 point circle, 2 point Circle,  Center-Startpoint-endpoint Arc, 3 point arc, 

Dimension : Horizontal-vertical Dimension, Align Dimension, Diameter dimension, radius dimension,  angle dimension


Modify Tools

Move, Cut, Copy, Rotate, Mirror, Offset, Array, Erase, Trim, Extend, Strech. Scale , Select all, Erase all.

Drawing Properties

Drawing color,  width, style ,drawing properties copy.


Point position, Distace,angle


Block add, make block, explode.


New layer, layer properties(color, width,style)

 Object snap

End point, mid point, center, quadrant

General Drawing Properties

Traking, grid, automatic save, background color, selection and dimension properties,drawing area png-jpg-bmp save. 

see video

see video(layer manager)

see video (animation)

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