First install gambas3

sudo apt install gambas3

KediCAD deb package :

or  deb and rpm packeges

install with gdebi……

other ditros……

 KediCAD is developing on GAMBAS3.9. So , you  need to install Gambas3.5 or later versions.

you can install gambas3.9 with this link. if your disturbution repository hasnt gambas3.9 or later verisons .



 And download  KediCAD files

Right click on KediCAD2B.gambas  file and select permissions  /  exectuble.

open a console,  write 

./KediCAD2B.gambas or ./KediCAD3B.gambas


If there is new KediCAD2B or KediCAD3B  then : Only change the *.gambas file end change permissions  /  exectuble.

For Standart parts

run KediCAD and close it for first use . Download targz package.(see menu)

Move cizim.tar.gz to /home/username/.Kedicad/  and extract here.


install cygwin and gambas3…..

And download  KediCAD files

Right click on KediCAD2B.gambas  file and select permissions  /  exectuble


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3 comments on “installation

  1. hello i let a reply in another posts..

    can kedicad runs with gambas 3.4? i can distribute and make it famous but need to run under gambas 3.4 due in my company due devaluation of money we use low end machines and older distributions like lenny, that runs very optimus..

    if not, how can i help for that purposes, i really need use u’r software under gambas 3.4!

  2. kedicad runs with gambas 3.4. no problem with all gambas 3.xx
    have you see any problem. you can elp to kedicad, write erors here. my english is so bad. maybe translating errors in kedicad.

  3. i ask due gambas change some between 3.4 and 3.5 and i insteresting in packaged kedicad for debian .. i nanlize and seem theire no problems.. if u compiled kedicad with gambas 3.5 i’ll not able to runnign

    seem u want to make distribution of kedicad.. i can made good redistribution of.. please can u mail me (u have now my mail due wordpress engine)?

    P.S. : my english is so bad too…

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