KediCAD History

My name is Abdurrahman ULUSOY. KediCAD developer. KediCAD site can be found here:


I am Mechanical Engineer. First started using Linux about 7-8 years ago, I called cad software like autocad. However, I could not find an easy-to cad software. Wine as well as the software system is inadequate, both places with each new version of wine other places improved without breaking down.

I decided to develop a cad software on this situation. KediCAD Thus was born, grew up, flourished.

Kedicad with the dxf file open, save all you can easily cad drawings, cnc router can generate the g-code, can help a lot in engineering your account, you can make your drawings directly from finite element analysis. standard parts library drawings are always close by ready to help.

KediCAD is a free software.

We are manufacturing CNC router as the company normally Ulusoy Mechatronics .

Cnc routers for customers, and in doing KediCAD and linux uses made ​​of information on CAM section describes how to use them free of charge.

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