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KediCAD G-Code

KediCAD quite a lot of features for Linux systems that developed a CADCAMFEA software. There are procedures that are required primarily for the production of G-Code.

1 – Cutting area identification

2 – If the automatic tool changing CNC Router in the team identification, team location designations.


Cut drawings is useful for things like find out whether the area. But is not required. CNC router or point, or is temporarily defined as the HOME center (X = 0, Y = 0) point in the XY axis lines shown in KediCAD point. “Computer Aided Manufacturing” menu under the “CAMField Set” is selected. CNC Router machining dimensions of the window that appears enter the net. This is enough to make only once. I always use these values ​​later KediCAD applications. Just apply the same process to make changes when necessary.


Identification of sites for the production of G-Code KediCAD different tools (OTD systems only) is required. Each team should be defined before. To do this, “Computer Aided Manufacturing” menu under the “tools Description” is selected

Pop-up window filled with the necessary parts.

This process is done for all teams, respectively.

Again, only for the current points system defined OTD. To do this, “Computer Aided Manufacturing” menu under the “tool Places” is selected. All of the teams in the window that opens girilir. XYZ points are very sensitive point in Z is the upper point of the tool holder.

Matters to be considered in changing tool-specific commands (Pressure cut-off, approach, methods and so on.) The addition. This G-Code generated then be added manually if desired, such as macros required to reach us at the following e-mail with printing problem is solved.

tool points and definitions need to be made only once. Then just change / add and so on. This action will be taken when making processes.


First of all, make a drawing or made KediCAD’de G-Code generation starts by opening a drawing. KediCAD supports DXF format to save as dxf drawings made ​​from other CAD software can also be opened KediCAD.

May need to make some adjustments in the drawing area. these

1 – OTD systems team assignment drawings: drawings, in which areas the team should be used. Drawing and select “Computer Aided Manufacturing” menu under the “Team Ata” is selected.

Team selected from the pop up window. Cutting speed and plunge rate according to the drawing inside or outside the center of the cut made ​​by checking all drawings belirlenir.OTD systems should be made for the team assignment. Otherwise, at the end of the machine tools are used to in that section.

2 – If necessary, drawings, grouping, G-Code is useful to group the production of drawings of the Z point. Similarly, the processing sequence has a different drawings is intended to be important for their ease of use are grouped separately.

3 – enter the dimensions of Material: CNC Router cutting measures previously was stroke. And now to be entered in the material dimension. This is not necessary in ölçüleringirilmesi. Only during the application of the material to the drawings, where / how will stop and alert the user that entered the event in terms of thickness of the material is useful in defining the depth and wrong. “Computer Aided Manufacturing” menu under the “Material Size” is selected. XYZ dimensions of the material entered the pop up window.


After configuring KediCAD in and drawings are now ready to produce G-Code. “Computer Aided Manufacturing” menu under the “G-Code” is selected. Is time pop-up window.

“Before Processing Depth” is entered. This material is the amount of plunge. The feedrate is defined. The amount of processed material properties, such as scuba diving here, the general features of the machine according to the values ​​written to the appropriate speed. “Plunge Rate” Again, depending on the material the material plunge speed of the machine is specified. The machine is “idle feed rate” Drawing from the cuts in the order of the drawing is selected after entering the “Add to Queue” button is clicked. Selecting the queue in the order they are added to other drawings. In the end, the up and down arrow keys to change if necessary. At the end of this process “Generate Code” button appears in the list by clicking on the G-Code. Manufactured according to the code shown in the drawing area to the side cut and the estimated processing time is given in the message.

For example, one issue that should be considered during the process, in that letter should be discontinued before kesilecekse then cut off. (Non-interrupted after stopping neatly inside.)

“Save Code” G-Code is saved by clicking on the button. Normal recording format *. ngc respectively. Wants to different extents in different control units. If you need to change the extension.

see video

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