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KeidCAD is 2-dimensional finite element analysis. Thickness required for a drawing that is drawn off the drawing area, material, method of analysis and so on. Specifically through the Z88 software on the basis of information received.


FEA (finite element analysis) is: given a substance which limits the load, temperature, and so on. Calculates the shape change of variables will emerge as a result of stress. This process can be considered very small pieces of material are separated.

Much smaller than before the parts into pieces and these bits are individual accounts. After the effect of the external factors, the system is calculated the effect of other components of each item. The results presented to the user based on the text or graphic.

What is meshing: Finite element meshing process of separation into smaller pieces called fragments to be analyzed. KediCAD

http://cgm.cs.mcgill.ca/ ~ godfried/teaching/cg-projects/97/Ian/twoears.html

defined on the basis of the two ear theorem on the track splits triangles. Bölebilmektedir triangulate the desired compactness. However, very small pieces, divide, more forcing the computer during the solution, and sometimes may lead to erroneous results.

What Z88: Z88 for KediCAD FEA software. Z88 text-based FEA software. In a text-based user all the information needed is taken. All the information presented to the user again after a text-based operations. In this case, it is a set of challenges. Z88 i need to be able to use a lot of knowledge and experience. Makes it available to the drawing, a piece of KediCAD Z88, Z88 accepted and the results of calculation by contacting it provides the user graphically.



Drawing to install the first account. The most important issue to be considered in the drawing   is closed. And it must not break off the drawing each other. Another issue to be aware of both the Z88 makes KediCAD2B two-dimensional drawing software makes two-dimensional account. Considering this situation modeled parts.

After the drawing Kedicad accounts (Calcultions) finite element solution under the menu item is selected. Z88’s own license and the GPL license agreement pop-up window appears. This license: all other  licenses, such as GPL open source software is that you are responsible for your own actions, and that you have the right to sell even tells how to deploy the software to change codes.

I have read and accept the license, which means both endorsing the check box next button is pressed.

Gets information about the user supplies the kedicad Step 2. Standard-definition steel, stainless steel, aluminum and bronze materials outside the box in order to select another material Poisson’s ratio and modulus of elasticity entered. A value is selected for meshing. Good for a computer to be over this value is 5. Otherwise, the status is recommended that this value is less than 5.

MESH press passes and some things Z88 makes contact with the kedicad. After finishing the drawing area is displayed divided into small pieces and 3 piece picture passes to step itself.


  1. The loads defined in step 3 to the track. X – Y or at an angle in the direction of applied loads. The location where the load from the load of parts kgf written as selected with the mouse. If more than one load can be defined. There are no boundaries. When the process of identification with the button next to Load proceed to step 4.
  2. step is defined support points. These x, y and both x and y limitations. Sınrlama unnecessary limitations should be careful here, or should be, the solution makes it impossible for more. In general, restrictions should be placed on either of the two-point xy, or 2 x 2 y defined the appropriate points. In this process, the point is selected with the mouse again after drawing üzrinde xy xy or fixing one of the buttons is selected. Z88 offers two options as a method of accounting. These are normal and beam finite element solution. Drawing in the form of the beam cross-sectional area is considered to be the solution.
  3. step von Mises, Rankine, Tresca one of the analysis methods is selected. And z88ile solve the button is clicked. After that, the process takes a certain period of time. 6 When you are finished passes to step itself.
  4. results are shown in step. Only the changes in the shape or the total shape change the x or y direction can be displayed. Possible to see all the points one by one.


see video

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