KediCAD the base of the three-dimensional drawing openGL continue apace.
Level than the pre-alpha is not ready for daily use KediCAD3D.
At present the situation:
Closed 2-dimensional drawings can be upgraded with KediCAD2D.
2 – drawings, color … be changed.
3 – Drawing xyz directions transporte.
4 – Part  save and open.
5 – Assembly   save and open.
6 – Part selecting a picture with the mouse in the drawing area
In general, the situation in this way. OpenGL have problems caused by not knowing better.
Will be similar in terms of the logic of drawing catia solid.


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2 comments on “3D

  1. i tested the 2D and 3D vesion.. amazing! i made systems and want to made an etabs alternative in gambas.. but you must take in consideraton that allready i see: alone, when i finished the program.. etabs will enter in deprecated and another suite will comes.. so my efforts will be nothing due etabs funtionality are gone and sustitued by other new programs (that obviosly not are in linux)

    testing hardy the 3D i found some misc:
    in windowm got: [17] ‘ilk.degme’ is not a property.
    in console got: ucb.Menu67_Click.1247: #17: ‘ilk.degme’ is not a property
    1: ucb.Menu67_Click.1247

    great jod. the 2D version are a complete sustitute for autocad releases until 2009 (well some features of newer release are very missing)

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