CAD(Computer Aided Design) –  CAM(Computer aided Manufacturing) – FEA(Finite Element Analysis)  software for Linux.

It has 2 version.

   1-) KediCAD2B (2 dimesional version)

   2-) KediCAD3B (3 dimensional version)

     KediCAD G-Code                        KediCAD FEA                                KediCAD 2B


        G-code                                        With the support of Z88                   open-Save   DXF

-visualization                                      is very strong.

– generation

– open-save

         KediCAD CAE                       KediCAD Macro                          KediCAD3B


   Designs easier                             Designs easiest                                   openGL-based

            İnstallation                                                            History


KediCAD Installation                                         KediCAD history

KediCAD is developing on GAMBAS3

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8 comments on “Home

  1. Hello, this its a great software, In Venezuela AutoDeskt company has a very strong and definite monopoly, and I think that working as a group would come farther .. to an end after fucking close the code at a point where each group (GPL or you) have a stable product that can compete with Autodesk and most flavors of programs

    There is a way to help that are not related to money? I dont care if the code are licensed under a permisive but other need to see for improve it! then i can use it as a real sustitution of autocad (and others), the world need get free from autodesk!

  2. You completed a number of fine points there. I did a search on the theme and found the majority of folks will agree with your blog. dbffbeckgfed

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